the triangle pastry journal

I’m guessing you’ve come to this page looking for the delicious, handcrafted pastries from Triangle Pastry Co.

I am so happy that you’ve enjoyed my recipes and products over the course of the past couple of years. It has definitely been a pleasure to share my baking with our community and while I am going to miss seeing your smiling faces every weekend, I can’t deny that my true creative nature thrives on the editorial perspective OF FOOD.

And so, I’ve brought you a new website, The Triangle Pastry Journal. With my favorite recipes. And kitchen tricks. And interviews with other food professionals. and essays about food. Maybe some food illustrations. Maybe you can’t buy my rugelach anymore, but I can produce a video to show you exactly how to make it if you want. i hope you’ll subscribe to the new Triangle Pastry Journal (which is about so much more than just pastries) and be inspired to amplify your own delicious life.

Cheers to new directions and living your best life.


Founded in 2017, Triangle Pastry Co. maintains a no frills, seasonally inspired menu of delicious sweet and savory eats for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert.

We are a fresh little artisanal pastry shop in the making, which means we do not have our own retail storefront. You can visit us at the Apex Farmers Market every Saturday morning during the summer and at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market on select dates during the winter season. Starting in Spring 2019, we are excited to be working with Copeland Springs Farm in Pittsboro to bring you even more delicious hand crafted baked goods from the freshest ingredients.


Some of Our Favorites —



Our all time favorite cookie made with a pie-like pastry dough and assorted fillings.



Flaky, buttery, puffy, pastry, with an amazing shattering crust.






A personal sized free form pie filled with seasonal fruits or veggies.

*Also available in 10" format.



The fluffy savory tart of your dreams.



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Copeland Springs Farm

193 Lorax Lane