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On Tenacity and The Value of Fear : Preeti Waas // Sugar & Spice and Cheeni // Raleigh, NC

“Food is the thread that connects generations, and is the easiest language to understand. A roti in India is the same as a homemade tortilla here. The stark contrast, at least twenty years ago, was how disconnected people here were from the origins of what was on their plates.”

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Creating Community Around Food: Ana Tapioca // Global Comfy // Apex, NC

“The moment I figured I could show how much I cared about somebody by making their favorite dishes, I knew I had a great channel right there. Food is my chosen way to express love. I come from a family of people who can thoroughly enjoy each other’s company as we cook for gazillion people.”

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Coastal Contrast: Alexis Jenssen // Apex Farmers Market // Apex, NC

“Coming from a very liberal area, we were concerned about what we would find here. We knew on paper that Raleigh was a “progressive” area, but progressive for the South? What did that mean? … I see people from different religions, different ethnicities and varying economic backgrounds and we are all shoulder to shoulder sharing these spaces and getting one another with a smile.”

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