Comfort Zones and Sirloin Steak // Business

by Megan Crist

Sirloin steak with garlic and thyme. Food photography, food styling, and prop styling by Megan Crist.

Hi. Hey. Hello. My name is Meg and I’m a vegetarian. Yep. I decided to bring this up with a meat shoot because, somehow at one point, I had this bizarre-o notion that I couldn’t possibly be a legit food photographer until I shot a raw steak. Perhaps that stems from the American culture running through my veins or maybe it does have valid roots in my photographic education emphasizing the value of diversity. It’s probably both. Either way, let’s talk about comfort zones.

In the past, I let comfort get the best of me in so many ways. A couple years ago I had a significant life event that changed my perspective on how I want to live. I found out -very aggressively- that comfort and security are great, but you can’t plan everything, which means they only take you so far. You might as well make yourself uncomfortable in ways you know will help you grow instead of waiting for things to happen to you. Take some risks, do something differently, learn something new. Grow. This is one small way that I’m doing that.