Collaboration is Energy // Business

Words and images by Megan Crist.

Michelle Smith styling and shooting the S'more Bar recipe that I wrote, leading up to Kitchen Conversations, on the Gather website.

I had a super fun day with Michelle working on the first installment of monthly recipes for the Gather site. It was really energizing to bounce ideas off of each other. We talked a lot about telling your story and communicating your ideas clearly through words and images; how storytelling isn't just made up on a whim, but takes a lot of dedicated work and planning. Defining your brand and creating a narrative is key in any successful business because it adds value to your product or service. When you build your work and streamline your direction, you find your audience.

That's how I found Gather. Because of Michelle's ability to tell a story and create community. I LOVE being here, and I know there's so much interesting work flowing in and out of this space. You'll eventually be able to read about everyone and what we're working on on the Gather site later this year. Stay tuned.

Michelle is covering all the angles in the cozy scene she styled for today's shoot.