Sustainable Meat Farming: Mary Jane Bartlett // Little River Eco Farm // Erwin, NC

by Megan Crist

MJ Portrait Little River Eco Farm-1906.jpg

Name: Mary Jane Bartlett

City: Erwin, NC

What is your working title? Little River Eco Farm

Can you talk about how you became interested in raising animals? What attracted you to this industry?

In 2012 I was looking for a career change. Having a background in environmental engineering and my husband in ecology, and we already owned our land, we started looking into things we could do here with sustainability in mind. We liked the idea of farming and were more comfortable with the idea of having livestock as opposed to horticulture.

How do your values translate into your product?

My husband John and I have a strong environmental ethos that informs how we care for our land and our animals. We are mindful that we are adjoining a river that flows into the Cape Fear river just a few miles downstream, so our livestock management practices can positively or negatively impact our state’s waterways.