4 Crucial Items to Consider When Choosing a Bakery for a Coffee Shop in Cary

When a Cary coffee shop owner picks a new, local bakery to supply their pastries, they might choose what tastes best. Or, they might choose the baker who has the best price. While these are both great things to consider, there are several other factors that need to be thought through before deciding.

As the owner of a bakery that supplies to local coffee shops and other businesses, I have seen a few businesses get caught in a tough spot. They need pastries, but the order is not there. In order to prevent this type of stressful situation, there are a few considerations to make.


4 key things to consider before choosing a commercial bakery to supply to any business are:

  1. Past Client Experiences: Read through the commercial bakery’s testimonials and reviews before saying yes. Ask to talk to their existing clients to learn more about their experience.

  2. Communication: Discuss with the commercial bakery what their preferred method of communication is. Get to know how responsive they are before they start supplying baked goods for your coffee shop.

  3. In Case of Emergency Plan: Sometimes, emergencies happen. Every owner of a bakery has had a day when the power goes out or they sell out their entire case of baked goods. Discuss with the commercial bakery in Cary what their plan is if this happens.

  4. Taste: Taste is important to consider as well. The owner of a business knows their clients' tastes the best and will know what they prefer. Choose a flavor palate that you love, but remember what the market wants as well.

These are all areas of service that we strive to offer for every customer at Triangle Pastry Co and we would welcome the opportunity to show you just that! Contact us today to arrange a sample box of baked goods for your coffee shop or local western Wake County business.