The Magic of Food - You Are What You Eat


When I'm in the kitchen, I often think about the many ways in which food is such an important part of our lives. Not just in physical sustenance, but in our sociology. (Plus economics and environmental situations.) 

Food is so magical in such a tangible way. It can be extremely individual in some respects with regards to flavor and texture, but it also brings people together quite unlike any other aspect of culture. Sometimes we eat alone. Sometimes we eat routine meals with our family or friends. Sometimes we produce social events from small dinner parties to receptions including hundreds of people. How we cook, what and where we eat is a reflection of who we are what we celebrate in life.

At Triangle Pastry Co, we want to help you celebrate both the small joys of solo strolls to the downtown farmers market on Saturday mornings and the larger life events such as baby showers and turning 31 (why should weddings and milestones like the big four-oh have all the fun). For instance, today I made a breakfast spread celebrating Oprah's Cecil B. DeMille Award and her inspiring Time's Up speech from last night's Golden Globe Awards ceremony. All varieties and styles of cuisine can help you pay tribute to life's victories through flavor and function. It doesn't have to be a big occasion, either. Everyone has days when making it to a 9 o'clock meeting on time is something of an accomplishment. (Those breakfast pastries aren't going to eat themselves).

Life is hard. But it's wonderful. And you deserve to have a (cake) ball as you direct your personal theater. Your meals can inspire you to thrive and strengthen your narrative -your culture, your beliefs, your family, your friends, your triumphs, your journey through time and place. Making connections and moving forward is how we grow. If you ask me, celebrate life and live deliciously.