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When Your Anxiety Is All For Nothing

I was so nervous about the Department of Agriculture inspection yesterday! But my inspector was really nice and full of information regarding future development possibilities. So, the anxiety was all for nothing (as it usually is, amiright?). 

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5 Of The Most Popular Baked Goods for a Coffee Shop

Many times, the thing that sets a coffee shop apart is the baked goods case. While the coffee flavor and quality, service, and ambiance of the cafe are determining factors for many coffee shop enthusiasts, they want to know that they will be able to get great edible treats too!

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4 Crucial Items to Consider When Choosing a Bakery for a Coffee Shop in Cary

When a Raleigh coffee shop owner picks a new, local bakery to supply their pastries, they might choose what tastes best. Or, they might choose the baker who has the best price. While these are both great things to consider, there are several other factors that need to be thought through before deciding.

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