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A Rainy Day Doesn't Keep Apex Away

I hope your day was brightened by our flavorful treats and that you have a great rest of your weekend! Cheers!

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Cornetti vs. Croissants

In the future, maybe I'll find a time to make a day of it and bring both cornetti and croissants for a little pastry education station. I love to teach (and learn!) about pastries and baking, but my worst fear when offering information is that it might come off as a bit know-it-all or snobbish and that is not in any way my intention. If you want to know how something is made, or background on anything, please ask! If you're interested in becoming a better baker, and you have questions about how to laminate dough, or how to know your bread is ready to bake, I would love to offer advice as best as I can. Please ask.

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