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[Photo] Story of a Croissant

Here is one of my croissants with some raspberries. Now, here is some delicious jam…

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Christmas in July is a Thing

As my contribution to the event, I made a bread pudding with croissants and it was amazing. Those slices sold out faster than I could say Croissant Bread Pudding.

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How to Refresh Your Bread and Pastries

Let's just touch on my process and philosophy: I bake everything completely from scratch (with locally sourced ingredients when possible) in the middle of the night to bring you these croissants, galettes, and baguettes as freshly baked as possible because I care about the quality of the food that you're eating. You are investing in your community -and yourself- by purchasing locally handmade baked goods and I have that same respect for you as a customer and as a person. Relatively, I want you to be able to enjoy your purchase as long as possible.

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