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Honey Caramel Apple Cake Recipe
New Triangle Loving T-Shirts Coming Soon!

It was fun to change gears over the weekend and work on a different aspect of building my little baking company.

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4 Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Commercial Bakery

Choosing the bakery that will supply a local business is a big decision for a business owner. There is a lot of time and consideration that goes into the decision. As a wholesale bakery, Triangle Pastry Co understands how important this decision is.

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4 Crucial Items to Consider When Choosing a Bakery for a Coffee Shop in Cary

When a Raleigh coffee shop owner picks a new, local bakery to supply their pastries, they might choose what tastes best. Or, they might choose the baker who has the best price. While these are both great things to consider, there are several other factors that need to be thought through before deciding.

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