Cookhaus Public Kitchen Encourages Creative Culinary Pursuits in the Triangle

Last week, I stopped by Cookhaus on West Chatham Street in Cary, to check out the space. I ended up spending the afternoon talking to owner/operator Ken Weeks about life, being creative, breaking the rules, and family ties.

It’s hard to imagine what was once a clothing shop becoming a culinary destination right here in downtown Cary, but there are big plans underway for this space. Paper-covered windows and outdated decor will eventually yield to contemporary design with fantastic lighting. Ken says it’s still too early for pictures, however construction will begin soon to keep the timeline on track for opening in a few months.


“But what is it?” you may ask. I had the same question when Ken first inquired with me if I would be interested in occasionally teaching some pastry workshops. Cookhaus is going to be an educational and community space centered around food. It will bring people together to learn, share, connect, and of course, eat. At Cookhaus, you will have the unique opportunity to experience food in a new way because these workshops and events will be designed by the chef who leads them. It will involve local and hyper-local connections and elevate your knowledge of our regional provisions as well as global cuisines, styles, and techniques.

You can follow Cookhaus on Instagram or check out the website for updates.