Cornetti vs. Croissants

A couple weeks ago, for the last Apex Farmers Market, I made cornetti to change up my game a bit. Everyone thought they were croissants because let's face it, they look really similar.

Except that if you think cornetti are supposed to be croissants, you probably won't try them -as I found out- because they don't quite have that same delicate, super flaky look with an abundance of layers and a striking airy interior honeycomb structure. Cornetti are more like brioche in texture -and certainly sweeter than croissants. I think they're rich and delicious as a consumer, but as a business owner, I made the decision to stick to croissants.

Pain au Chocolat.

Pain au Chocolat.

In the future, maybe I'll find a time to make a day of it and bring both cornetti and croissants for a little pastry education station. I love to teach (and learn!) about pastries and baking, but my worst fear when offering information is that it might come off as a bit know-it-all or snobbish and that is not in any way my intention. If you want to know how something is made, or background on anything, please ask! If you're interested in becoming a better baker, and you have questions about how to laminate dough, or how to know your bread is ready to bake, I would love to offer advice as best as I can. Please ask.

See you on Saturday morning, loves! Don't forget to stock up on lots of delicious fresh, local food for your Mother's Day celebration on Sunday.