Downtown Cary Pastry Pick-Ups Will Be A Thing In May

Indulge me in some personal gushing, if you will. I'm a little wired because my BFF is getting married in a couple weeks. I have to write a little speech and do do all sorts of maid of honor things like booking entertainment and making mani/pedi appointments. I am not an event planner at all. I don't generally go to bachelorette parties, either. So I'm kind of clueless here and it is taking a lot of effort on my part. Did I mention it's in LA? Time is getting tight for this huge life event which isn't even mine, but means so much to me. And that's why I haven't had time to spend sharing what's been going on business wise exactly as it happens. 

But, here it is approaching midnight and I somehow still have a bit of energy left to click out my plans.


The big thing coming up regarding Triangle Pastry Co is that I will have a new office and pastry pick up location! This is not to be confused with a retail store. Orders still need to be placed via email and paid via online invoice, and they are still made to order at my commercial kitchen in Durham. Read: There isn't a product to pick up unless you ask me to make it and pay for it ahead of time. It's kind of like an underground distribution center. A secret pastry link. Exclusive delights by appointment only... you get the gist. The reason for this is that the building is zoned for offices, not for retail. We all love the Town of Cary so we have to play by the rules. No walk-ins. -Unless you just want to say hi. Because that's cool too. :)

You can arrange for orders to be ready for you here at my fresh, cozy studio space in the very exciting new Gather Studios, across from the Cary Arts Center and the Downtown Park any day of the week (except Saturday mornings when I'm set up with the Apex Farmers Market). It should be a lovely arrangement for myself and you guys as well. The location is fantastic. You can pick up your custom box of croissants and stroll over to the park for some green space and bocce ball or maybe walk a bit further (3 or 4 blocks) and head up to SideBarBond Brothers, or Pharmacy for some drinks and good company. I'm really stoked to be part of Gather and the Downtown Cary community during this regeneration brought to you by so many amazing entrepreneurial people in the area! I hope to see you all at the new space and around town. Cheers!

This is not an April Fools joke, by the way. This is for real. ;)