Not *That* Sweet

I just want to put it out there:

Not all baked goods are raging with sugar.

When I’m at the market, the most common decline is, “Oh, wow. That’s beautiful, but it’s probably too sweet for me.” I’m not here to tell you what to like or what is in fact too sweet for your tastes, but I can tell you, Triangle Pastry Co. uses sugar sparingly and not as a sweetener, but in the name of chemistry. If you like raw fruit, it’s probably sweeter than these galettes because of how the ingredients are prepared.

I can appreciate that it’s probably hard to understand how it works if you are accustomed to fruit being smothered with sugar in order to bake it. But that is only one way. Yes, there are menu items that clearly have added sugar like palmiers and almond croissants. I’m not contesting that. But I don’t make your average saccharine fruit tart, either.