Top 10 Home Kitchen Gifts Under $50

Small gifts with big lifestyle impact.

As a baker, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, even when I'm at home, and I want it to be enjoyable. Naturally, when I have a friend who likes cooking at all, I want to give them a present that I hope will enhance their culinary adventures. This list came together after being asked by multiple people in the past few days for recommendations on small -but useful- kitchen gifts. Hopefully one of these ideas may help you discover something awesome for someone special and keep you from being a last-minute shopper.

(Although we are located in the Raleigh area, all of these items are available online and/or locally.)


1.  Beeswrap. For the sustainable living enthusiast in your life. This variety pack includes various sizes of reusable beeswax coated fabric to wrap leftovers, sandwiches, snacks, bread... anything really. Keep food fresh without creating waste. $42

2.  Meyer Lemon Tree. Probably better for friends in warmer climates, but a Meyer Lemon tree can live in a pot and stay inside during super cold months. A great green gift that keeps giving. $19.99 

3.  Magnetic Spice Jars. Having their favorite spices on the side of the fridge will easily enhance anyone's breakfast routine and streamline their dinner. It's one less thing to "get out" and "put away." $5.99 (for 3)

4.  Ravioli Press. Cutting out ravioli one at a time is tedious. Get it done in a jiffy with this convenient mold and roll system. $26.95

5.  Waffle Iron. A double waffle iron is a fantastic treat. Have you tried making waffles. One. At. A. Time? Everyone's done eating when you finally finish cooking the batter. $28.99

6.  Pizza Stone. Do you know someone who LOVES pizza? A baking stone is really nice to have for baking all those gourmet pizzas -and bread. This one comes with a sweet wooden peel! $46.23

7.  French Butter Keeper. It feels so luxurious to spread soft butter on bread. There is no struggle like wanting to enjoy something as basic as bread and butter, but destroying the slice of bread in the process trying to spread cold, hard butter. Make breakfast dreams come true. $16.95

8.  Silpats. Here to save the day for all of your dessert loving friends' baking and candy-making needs. Everything turns out even and there's no sticking. A must-have -and quite unlikely that anyone would have too many. $26.95

9.  Unpaper Towels. Another great gift for those zero-wasters. A much nicer look for a modern counter top than paper towels, as well. $44 (for 16)

10. Handmade French Rolling Pin. You can definitely pick up a tapered rolling pin at Target on the cheap and it will work just as well. But a handmade rolling pin has been infused with a unique energy that will be appreciated by anyone who rolls out dough. Check out this beautiful cherry example. $40

Okay, 10 wasn't enough (but I like nice round numbers for lists) so I would like to add some bonus suggestions:

Zester. Fresh citrus flavors... Actually, this might go well with that Meyer Lemon Tree. $12.95

Y-Peeler. I seem to feel that these are more ergonomic than the traditional style of peeler. So, they are probably particularly beneficial for someone who eats a lot of vegetables and/or has CTS or arthritis. $8.99

Baby Offset. Most people who bake cakes at all have regular size offset spatulas, but the minis are super nice for smaller format fillings and non-cake related cooking. $4.99

And, finally... food. Homemade cookies, candies, and any other food that you make are treasures. If it's just not your style to get messy in the kitchen, you can order from any local rockstar bakers. We love the holidays! We love making delicious treats for you and your family and friends! A great gift that you can order from your favorite local baker is a cookie box that comes with icing and about a dozen cookies for recipients to decorate themselves and make memories. You can't put a price on that. (But $18 would probably be a good start.)