About the triangle pastry journal

While understandably misleading, the Triangle Pastry Journal is not only about pastries. It was named after my own now wrapped up baking business. I knew in my heart that while I love the craft and science of baking, the reality of running a company whose main product was viennoiserie fresh from the oven was not going to fulfill my creative drive or mesh with other aspects of my lifestyle.

But I couldn’t just let it go. I had invested a great deal of time and energy learning from exceptional chefs over the better part of a decade. If you’ve worked in restaurants at all, you abhor waste, and by not translating my experience in some way, I felt rather wasteful.

I also had a sense of responsibility for my product and my small but dedicated following. In the end, I collaborated with my friend Kristin to bring my bread and pastries into her brand new literally farm to table restaurant outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. And it felt like there was a complete story in that arrangement.

However, now that I’m not actually in the food business, I have a lot to say about well, food and business. So, I retained the website, changed the name slightly as an acknowledgement to my journey, and here we are. If there is anything you’d like to know -or maybe something you would like to write about and share, I would love to hear from you.